Our Process

Surface Solutions makes choosing and getting your custom countertop easy. Learn about our custom countertop services in Mokena, IL, here.

Visit Us!

The first step to getting your new countertops is to visit us at 9615 194th Place, Mokena, IL, right off Interstate 80 and South LaGrange Rd.

Bring a rough drawing of your current cabinet layout. If you are building a new home or remodeling an existing space, bring in the blueprints/cabinet drawings. Also bring any cabinet samples, tile samples, or other designs in order to help you in selecting the perfect stone for you.

What’s Next?

Get a Quote

You’ll get a quote based on your selection sheet and drawing. You get a final price after Surface Solutions professionally measures and reviews the measurements. You will be required to pay 100% of the quoted price and sign a contract to start the measurement process and to hold your slab selection. Once you have made your payment you will then schedule a measurement date/time, layout date/time (if needed), and installation date/time.


We measure between 9am – 1pm or between 1pm – 5pm. On the day of measurement the measure tech will call with a 30 minute notice. Typical measurements take between 1 – 2 hours. Clear off your existing counter top, have your sink there if not purchased with us, and have your appliances installed.

Get Measured

The measurement technician and you will discuss any overhangs and any supports that will be needed, as well as seam/joint placement. The measurement technician will take your sink template or physical sink (if no sink template is present).​

Measurement Review

We send the drawing and dimensions/details back to our facility for review. During this review your sales associate will calculate your exact square footage needed and verify all the details. Your sales associate will contact you to discuss the changes and have you resign the revised contract.


If you choose to do a layout, we do this next at our facility. It allows us to place clear transparent plastic printed in the shape of your countertops on your slab or slabs to view where specific veining and seams will be located. We then trace the printed plastic with a white marking pen for fabrication.


Next, your countertops will go into fabrication. This is where we cut and polish your slab or slabs into a finished ready to install countertop. We use the highest quality polishing pads and cutting machinery to ensure the countertops fit perfectly and look great for the years to come. Then the countertops will go through quality control to make sure the counters are at their highest quality.

The Installation

We install between 9am – 1pm or between 1pm – 5pm. On the day of the countertop installation, we will call with a 30 minute notice. Installation usually takes 3 – 4 hours on kitchens and 1 – 3 hours on bathrooms, outdoor grills, basement bars, or fireplaces. After the installation is complete our installers will seal your countertops with Tenax Proseal sealer. The sealer is good for 3-5 years and you can purchase the sealer at our facility and easily apply yourself after the first year.