About Surface solutions

We are a custom countertop fabrication and installation company specializing in high-quality granite, quartzite, marble, or limestone. We offer flawless service for all your needs — from small kitchens to large commercial projects!

Surface Solutions

We Create Unique Spaces

Whether you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, update the bathroom, or build a new home from scratch, our wide variety of countertops can help make your dream come true. At Surface Solutions, we specialize in providing homeowners with quality countertops for any of their rooms and helping them create unique spaces.

Small samples of countertops stacked one on top of the other at the Surface Solutions showroom in Mokena

We’re Dedicated To Helping You With Your Projects

We’re committed to offering the best custom countertop services in Mokena, IL. Our high-quality work and dedication have made us a sought-after company by many of our satisfied customers over time. With 10,000 sq ft at your disposal for all projects, large or small, you can’t go wrong with us!

We carry an extensive selection of slabs that range from sandstone quartzite, marble, travertine, and much more, allowing one single visit if needed until finding exactly what’s right to fit your needs.

Why Choose surface solutions?

We offer many different types of stone countertops to choose from. We have beautiful designs and high-quality materials that are perfect for your kitchen remodel.

Top-of-the-line company

We are a top-of-the-line company dedicated to delivering long-lasting countertops. If you’re looking for something more unique or special, we can provide custom materials as well.

Finest Service

We are dedicated to providing the finest service with the fabrication and installation of countertops at our company.


Our warehouse is full of countertops to match each of your needs, and our experienced staff will help you find the right one for you.


Our team of experts will guide you through the whole process. They have decades of experience in their field, so that they can provide personalized advice for your needs!


When you need a countertop fast, talk with us. We have one of the fastest lead times in town and will ensure that your project is done as quickly as possible!