Custom Countertops IN MOKENA, il

We provide custom countertop services in Mokena, IL. We ensure that your countertops look exactly how you want them to!

Custom Countertops for Every Need

Do you need a countertop for your kitchen, bathroom, or any other area of your home? If so, Surface Solutions is the company to call. We provide granite countertops, quartz countertops, marble countertops, limestone countertops, and more.

Our Process

Visit Us And Make A Selection

Come to our shop, bring a layout of your current cabinet or samples. Then you’ll get a clipboard selection sheet where you can easily select your slab color, sink model, and edge detail.

Get a Quote and Measure

We provide a quick estimate based on your selection. Still, we will charge 100% of the quoted price to start the measuring and installation process.

Measurement Review and Layout

After getting measurements for a customer, the drawing and dimensions are sent back to our facility, and we take care if changes are needed. After your measurements are complete, we create a layout of your countertops.


Once your countertop is cut and polished, we’ll inspect it for quality before being installed.


Installation takes 3-4 hours on kitchens and about 1-3 hours for bathrooms, outdoor grills, basement bars, or fireplaces. After the installation is complete, our installers will seal your countertops with a Tenax Proseal sealer.

What To Expect at Your Measure and Installation Process

We charge an additional $150.00 fee for unpaid or missed appointments. You must screw all cabinets to the wall before measurement begins, and we won’t accept changes after it. We don’t reconnect any appliances, and we’ll clean and seal the granite as the last step on installation.

The Perfect Solution For Every Project

Looking for countertop installation services in Mokena, IL? Our team of designers will work with you to find the perfect solution for every project. Trust us when we say that no matter what type of budget you have in mind or what style best fits your needs – we have something for everyone! Check out our bathroom and kitchen countertops and start designing the perfect space for your home.