January 18, 2023

Written by SurfaceSolutions

Easy Care To Achieve Pristine Granite Countertops

Granite is one of the toughest materials on earth, making it ideal for your kitchen counter. However, it can become opaque and dull if not properly cared for. To keep your granite looking like new, you should make sure to clean it regularly. Fortunately, caring for granite countertops is quite simple.

This blog post will help you keep your granite looking as good as recently installed. From daily cleaning routine to special care, you’ll be able to DIY it. Read on to become a granite care expert!

Granite Surfaces Care Guide

Granite is one of the market’s most popular and durable counter materials. One of the best practices to ensure easy maintenance is to have it sealed when installed. Sealing plays a huge role in granite care in the short and long run. With a properly sealed granite, you can divide your care routine into 2:

Daily/Weekly Care For Your Granite Surfaces

Keep your granite looking beautiful by practicing regular cleaning. Simple actions such as keeping it dry and dust free can enhance its appearance. However, there’ll be times that require more than a cloth to restore its polished look. Follow these 4 steps to achieve outstanding results.

1# Start by wiping down the surfaces with a dry cloth to remove any solids, food leftovers, etc. This action will also remove dust particles and dirt on your counter.

2# Use a damp cloth and soapy water to remove grime, hardened sauces, and food leftovers. Be sure to rinse thoroughly to avoid soap residue buildup. Repeat until completely clean.

3# Dry off the surface with a towel after cleaning.

4# Use a granite cleaner or a solution of equal parts water and vinegar to remove any stubborn spots, and buff dry with a soft cloth.

Special Care For Your Granite Surfaces

In addition to daily care, granite surfaces need special attention from time to time. Here are some tips for keeping your granite sparkling and polished:

1# Wax your countertops every 6-12 months with a quality sealant for extra protection.

2# Use coasters and placemats for your dishes and pots when dining over the counter. Even though granite has excellent heat resistance, hot materials can deteriorate protective sealing.

3# Use protective pads or mats when cutting directly on your countertops to avoid scratching or etching the surface.

4# If you notice any chips or scratches, repair them promptly with a granite filler kit.

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