Custom Countertops Services In Will County, IL

Shopping around for a custom countertop can quickly get tedious and exhausting. With so many options in the market, you could get overwhelmed in no time. That’s why Surface Solutions, located in Will County, IL, offers professional custom countertops guidance and advice to make your life easier.

At Surface Solutions, we’re a countertop company that offers a variety of countertop options for your residential or commercial projects. We provide tailored options according to your needs and aspirations. Our professional countertop installers guarantee accurate measurements, perfect cuts, and a flawless finish. Get in touch with us to discuss your custom countertop project!

Enhance Your Property Value With Custom Countertops

As a home or business owner in Will County, IL, you should proactively look for exciting ways to increase your property’s resale value. One of the most effective strategies is a countertop installation in your kitchen, bathroom, or fireplace. Additionally, custom countertops make a great asset in your outdoor spaces too.

Suppose you’re considering installing a custom countertop or decorative piece on your property. In that case, the team professional at Surface Solutions can make it happen. Our professionals use the finest materials. We are proud of our meticulousness in measuring and cutting accuracy, which results in a perfect fit every time.

Get To Know Our Materials

At Surface Solutions Will County, IL, we pride ourselves on the vast countertop materials available for our customers. Whether a traditional option like granite or quartz or something a little more particular like Onix, you can get it with us. Our team will work closely to ensure you get what you want. Get to know our material options here!


Granite is one of the most popular materials for countertops because it’s incredibly durable and resistant to stains, scratches, and heat. At Surface Solutions, you can find beautiful granite patterns and colors that create an elegant atmosphere that you and your guest will enjoy.


Quartz countertops are an excellent option for any kitchen or bathroom. They’re non-porous and won’t absorb liquids or odors, making it easy to keep bacteria-free. Quartz is even sturdier than granite, and its pattern makes it an ideal addition to any space.


Limestone countertops resist scratches, stains, and heat and come in various colors to suit any taste. Whether you’re looking for a neutral hue or something darker, limestone has a color scheme that will fit your needs.


There are many different colored natural stones, but marble is the perfect one to create a sophisticated space. It’s also incredibly durable and beautiful, making it an excellent option for busy spaces craving an elegant touch.

Work With The Most Professional Countertop Installers

At Surface Solutions, we offer custom countertops for your kitchen, bathroom, or any other area on your property in Will County, IL. We have a lot of different materials to choose from, like granite, quartz, marble, and limestone. Our team will help you pick out the perfect material, and then we’ll measure and cut it to fit perfectly.

Our wide variety of colors, patterns, and slab thickness will ensure you find the perfect one for your space. You can contact us to learn more about our service or request an estimate for your project.