Custom Countertops For Homes In Orland Park, IL

The kitchen or bathroom of your dreams can’t be complete without custom countertops. This final touch adds personality and uniqueness to your desired space. Therefore, finding the right professionals to help get durable countertops is an important task. You shouldn’t feel anxious about ending up with a mediocre product. 

At Surface Solutions, we understand countertops are an important feature for aesthetics and that they represent a money investment. We’re experienced professionals offering many different countertops to choose from. We’ll guide you into choosing the right solution for your Orland Park, IL, home. 

Elegant kitchen with granite countertops and dark wooden cabinets

Custom Countertops: The Perfect Finish For Your Spaces 

Whether it’s a little refreshment or a complete makeover to your kitchen or bathrooms, you aim to have a unique look that fits your home. 

At Surface Solutions, we’re the expert countertop company in Orland Park. We’ll visit your house to assess the custom countertop that better fits your aesthetics. From granite to quartz, limestone to quartzite, we have something for everyone.  We’ll customize the product to fit your needs and space and guarantee to meet your expectations. 

3 Reasons To Get Quality Custom Countertops

Custom countertops are always the best way to go when it comes to your kitchen or bathroom. At Surface Solutions, we pay special attention to our customers’ needs and style. There are many reasons why we advise going for tailor-made countertops, and these are the main 3:

  • Uniqueness: When choosing to customize your countertops, you create a unique space that won’t be anywhere else. You can choose from a variety of finishes and materials to perfectly match your home’s style and your budget.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Whether it is your kitchen or bathroom, you’ll upgrade the look and sensation of the room. 
  • Lasting Durability: Compared to prefabricated countertops, customized countertops are highly durable. You can choose from materials that’ll stand up to the heaviest usage – with little maintenance for upkeep! 

Get Tailor-Made Countertops By Following These Steps:


  1. Visit Us, Make A Selection, and Get a Quote: Come to our shop to select your slab color, sink model, and other details. Then, we’ll provide a quick estimate based on your preferences.
  2. Measurement, Review, and Layout: We measure your space and take care of the necessary changes to create a layout. We’ll then proceed to cut and polish your countertops and get them ready for installation.
  3.  Enjoy Your Custom Countertops!: We install your countertops and finish them by sealing them with a Tenax Proseal sealer. You’ll be enjoying your gorgeous countertops for years to come!

Transform Your Home with Top-Grade Surfaces in Orland Park, IL

When completing the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams with custom countertops, you should be able to feel at ease. At Surface Solutions, we understand what customers like you are looking for. Look no more! We provide you with custom solutions that fit your taste and your budget. 

We design and install custom countertops for homes in Orland Park, IL. We’ll provide you with the look and quality countertops you deserve. No need to pay for prefabricated countertops that won’t meet your expectations. Get in touch with us and complete your desired space!